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Supporting Ford Owners Long After the Sale via the DriverPlus Program

driver plus logo on black backgroundOnce you have purchased the perfect car, truck, or sport utility vehicle (SUV) from Greenway Ford, an essential aspect of owing an automobile is bringing it in on a frequent basis for routine maintenance. The first question that often comes to mind then is where to take your vehicle for excellent service .

Why not depend on the same dealership that you trusted to lead you through every step in the process of buying a new or pre-owned Ford? At Greenway Ford, our team of certified technicians has undergone extensive training to perform work on any Ford models the correct way from start to finish. We also provide our countless valued clients in the Orlando FL area with the highly recommended option of choosing a pre-paid maintenance program called DriverPlus.

Keeping all of these factors in mind, follow along with us as we go over the services and many benefits included in your selected DriverPlus plan. From here, you will have a full understanding of the options available to spend less on properly maintaining the performance and reliability of your new or used Ford automobile.

An Affordable Way to Keep Your Ford in Peak Condition

Protecting the overall value of your car, truck, or SUV starts with staying on top of scheduled maintenance visits advised by Ford. You can save on the costs of upkeep over time when you opt for the DriverPlus pre-paid maintenance program. There is no deductible, and expert technicians service your vehicle for peace of mind in knowing the job is completed right every visit. Outlined below are the two different DriverPlus plans offered to Greenway Ford customers:

Preferred Plan
  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Lubricate applicable components
  • Multi-point inspections
Preferred-Plus Plan
  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Lubricate applicable components
  • Multi-point inspections
  • Optional tire rotations

With either maintenance plan, you also have the choice of which oil you prefer Greenway Ford to use in your Ford vehicle based on the number of miles it will last:

Type of Oil Mileage
Conventional up to five quarts 3,000 miles
Conventional over five quarts 3,750 miles
Synthetic Blend 5,000 miles
Full Synthetic 7,500 miles
Diesel 10,000 miles

The savings continue to pour in with even more benefits added at no further charge to you. These advantages include coupons for major discounts at Greenway Ford, personal notifications when your vehicle is due for service, and recorded history of the work performed. Do not miss out on this great opportunity to reduce your car maintenance expenses without sacrificing quality results.

Gaining the Most Use Out of Your Ford Vehicle

Pre-paid maintenance plans help automobile owners in Orlando FL extend the life of their Ford and drive it at optimal performance level for as long as possible. Additionally, the DriverPlus program guards you against the constant rising prices of automotive service and ensures your vehicle meets the warranty requirements. All of this leads to sustaining the dependability and safety of your Ford, which upholds the resale value if you ever decide to trade it in or sell.

If you would like to learn more about how DriverPlus can save you money on standard auto service, give us a call at (888) 984-4895 to take advantage of the Preferred or Preferred-Plus pre-paid maintenance plan. The skilled technicians at Greenway Ford are well-equipped to help keep your Ford car, truck, or SUV running better at full speed for longer.

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