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LuxCareXT: Innovative Protection for Your Ford’s Exterior and Interior

luxcare XT logo with water droplets After you have purchased or leased your Ford car, truck, or sport utility vehicle (SUV) in Orlando FL, you will no doubt want to maintain its beautiful appearance for numerous miles to come. Greenway Ford knows how you can accomplish exactly that.

Proudly serving as Orlando’s leading dealership of new and Certified Pre-Owned Ford vehicles, we are dedicated to ensuring every buyer selects the most fitting automobile for their particular driving needs, as well as providing an effective method to retain that coveted fresh look on the outside and inside. It is just one of the countless ways Greenway Ford puts customers first.

Ready to learn more about this fantastic option? Please continue along while we explain the main points of LUXCARE XT Protection and the outstanding results you can expect to see from using it. In the end, Greenway Ford is quite certain you will plan to stop by at your earliest convenience and discuss in greater length all of the specifics regarding such an impressive product for your new or pre-owned Ford that looks as good as it drives.

Utilizing the Cutting-Edge Power of Nanotechnology to Your Advantage

With so many different substances floating around in the environment, it is certainly a challenge to keep the exterior of your Ford car, truck, or SUV impeccably clean. Then, the outside elements can also affect the overall condition of interior features. Greenway Ford offers a much better solution to taking time out of your busy schedule to stop at local car wash places or do the job yourself by hand on a regular basis.

LUXCARE XT Protection uses advanced nanotechnology to penetrate the clear coat and create a lasting barrier against some of the most common things to ruin (temporarily or permanently) your Ford’s nice appearance. Furthermore, this environmentally friendly product prevents minor damage to headlights and the windshield.

These types of preventions include the following:

  • Annoying bugs
  • Sticky tree sap
  • Bird droppings
  • UV rays
  • Headlight lens covers from dulling
  • Fading or chalking of the gloss caused by weather
  • Cracks or chips on the front windshield

For safeguarding the inside of your Ford, sealant with a water base is extremely effective at blocking all kinds of stains, including pet spots and ink marks. The special formula also contains an antimicrobial agent to inhibit mold and mildew odors produced by food or drinks. Plus, LUXCARE XT Protection stops materials from discoloring or cracking, seams from coming undone, and small tears or holes.

Make a Smart Decision on Protecting the Sleekness of Your Ford Automobile

Adding an extra layer of defense against potential interior and exterior damage to the surfaces of your car, truck, or SUV goes a long way in maintaining its highest possible resale value and helping you avoid paying unanticipated costs down the road for a new paint job or other cosmetic work. This saves you money to put toward more pressing matters now or in the future.

In addition to preserving the rich color, texture, and smoothness of your Ford model, LUXCARE XT Protection helps carpets and fabrics last longer as a stain deterrent and upholds the authentic softness of seats made from leather. This comprehensive level of shielding your vehicle’s appearance also includes a limited warranty on advanced protection, a simple and convenient process for completing claims, and no charges on designated repairs.

If you have any questions on how LUXCARE XT Protection works or what repairs are covered under the warranty, call Greenway Ford to reach one of our friendly, experienced Ford automotive professionals. We recognize the long-term value in keeping your car, truck or SUV looking like you just drove it off our lot in Orlando FL.

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