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What to Do If Your Vehicle Experiences a Safety Recall

Experiencing a safety recall on a Ford car, truck, or sport utility vehicle (SUV) is naturally a concerning event. However, navigating this situation in a calm, collected, and well-thought-out manner is the best way to approach a recall. With this in mind, please join the team here at Greenway Ford as we cover everything you need to know about safety recalls — as well as what to do should your vehicle end up being subject to one of these announcements.

The Basics of a Safety Recall

At its core, a safety recall is a proactive measure designed to safeguard valued Ford owners from malfunctions, errors, and other issues affecting the Ford family of vehicles. Once this issue has been brought to light, Greenway Ford and its registered vehicle owners are notified promptly of the extent of the problem, in addition to how best to rectify the situation.

Depending on the severity of the condition or defect, immediate action may be required. However, you can take comfort in the fact that any repairs, restorations, and replacements required to fix an issue falling under the umbrella of an open recall will never necessitate an out-of-pocket expense on your behalf.

Who Decides When a Recall Is Necessary?

In terms of assessing problems and issuing recalls, these warnings can originate from two distinct sources: The United States Department of Transportation — specifically the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) — and the Ford brand.

If you are unfamiliar with the NHTSA, this organization aims to develop (and enforce) performance and safety standards within the automotive world. Outside of engaging in this activity, the NHTSA also monitors and investigates issues that may require a recall.

Learning More about Current Open Recalls

Learning about active recalls currently affecting Ford vehicles can come from of a variety of different sources. Specifically, the following channels offer up the most timely and accurate information regarding open recalls on Ford vehicles:

  • The Official NHTSA Website and Recall Search Tool — This tool allows users to search for Ford recalls based on the vehicle year, model, and even vehicle identification number (VIN). Additionally, the official NHTSA website also provides users with valuable insight and information regarding how best to handle a recall situation. (Click here to visit the NHTSA's website.)
  • The Ford Field Service Actions Page — Visiting Ford's Field Service Actions page gives you the opportunity to search for recalls that could be relevant to your specific Ford vehicle. This page does require a VIN to search the recall database, so be sure you have this number on hand before visiting the Field Service Actions website. (Click here to visit Ford's Field Service Actions page.)
  • The Service and Support Team Here at Greenway Ford — The team of trained Ford experts here at Greenway Ford is always ready and willing to bring you up to speed on any safety recall issues affecting our valued customers. To learn more about currently active Ford recalls, feel free to call us at (888) 984-4895 today.

Regardless of which of these outlets you turn to, each inclusion on this list is more than capable of providing you with a comprehensive breakdown of any and all safety recalls currently affecting the cars, trucks, and SUVs produced by Ford and sold here at Greenway Ford.

What to Do If Your Vehicle Ends up Experiencing a Recall

Should you find that your vehicle is subject to an ongoing recall situation, stay calm and follow the instructions presented by the NHTSA, Ford, or the team here at Greenway Ford. Depending on the severity of the issue, these trained professionals will either have you bring in the vehicle immediately to Greenway Ford for service and repair or schedule an appointment for the installation of replacement parts at a later date.

Naturally, we advise that you make it a point to handle the underlying defect or problem as soon as possible. Putting off a recall repair or replacement appointment is an easy way to invite unnecessary risk and safety hazards into your daily driving routine.

How to Stay Abreast of Future Safety Recall Announcements

Even if your vehicle is not currently facing down an open recall alert, it is always a good idea to remain vigilant and aware of future concerns and announcements. This way, if any recall-worthy problem rears its ugly head, you will be notified of the issue — and how best to address the situation — in the most expedient manner possible.

First up, consider registering your vehicle on the official Ford manufacturer's website. In return for providing Ford with some basic information (VIN, street address, date of purchase, etc.), the safety team from this manufacturer will be able to stay connected with you via email, official letters, and other channels of communication, thereby guaranteeing that news of an imminent recall never falls through the cracks.

Another smart way to keep up to date with any relevant Ford recalls is by joining the NHTSA's email contact list. After subscribing to this free service, announcements regarding all pertinent safety recalls (and insight into how to properly respond to these issues) will end up directly in your inbox.

Obviously, staying on top of the latest recall information from Ford and the NHTSA does require a little bit of effort on your end of the equation. However, putting in the work now ensures that any unfortunate defects or unavoidable problems never sneak up on you and ruin your enjoyment of the best driving experience found on the open road.

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